summer hopefuls!

This weekend marks our first camping trip of the year. And of course the majority of Vancouver Island is under a fire ban. Luckily, we'll be camping at a private camp-ground, and as of right now there are no fire bans there. We'll see by the weekend though. At any rate, we'll still have a good time.

this is from last year, but we're going to the same spot!
The reason for my absence here is actually just the normal busy life of balancing work and summer life with a kiddo. You know, you'd think that summer is a slower season for us knitters, but this year I am keeping very busy! I am also needing to plan and knit for the one winter market that I like to sell at. So then I am left to wonder when I'll do some selfish knitting?

Though I may need to be patient as to when these items can be on my needles, I thought I'd share a few of what's at the top of my queue. Just because it's summer, and hot as all get out around here, it never means it's too hot to knit (not for me, anyway) ;) 

so here is what's hopefully up soon for me. (in no particular order)

1.    boxy. by joji locatelli. - this one has been in my queue for ever. I even had the yarn all picked out and set aside for this last year... so far I haven't changed my mind on the pairing. It's a daring one!! wollmeise Pure 100% merino superwash in wasabi.  

2.    oatmeal pullover. by jane richmond. - though I have already knit this one several times, I'm putting it up here because I know it will be on the needles soon. As soon as the sskal starts up, I'll be casting on for this in knit picks wool of the andes bulky in crush. Because who doesn't need a hot pink sweater?!

3.    something by martina behm. ha. ok so I've actually never knit any of her patterns yet, and she's always been on my radar... along with several of her patterns being in my queue. I have several options that I already have yarn for.... naiada, brickless, viajante, nuvem, lintilla, & hitchhiker just to name a few. HA!
This woman is so incredibly talented, and I am frankly surprised I haven't knit anything yet. Time to change that for sure. :)

My queue is pages and pages long, seriously. There are so many items I wish I could just cast on. Though it seems I actually need to feed my family, keep on top of the household duties, care for my child, and you know.... be a grown up. So in the meantime, I consider myself very lucky to be able to do what I love. And hopefully one day soon, we'll see more selfish knits popping up in the blogger feed. yes?

Tell me, what are your summer hopeful knits? I'd love to hear about them! Have you gone camping this year yet? What are your fave knits to bring? xo


hello weekend!

Is it Friday already???

Man! It's been a busy week here. I knit 18 items for work knitting, and I've made excellent progress on gift knitting. Of course, with only weeks away from our family reunion in Ontario, I'm discovering some of the cutest stuffie patterns, and I'm wanting to knit all of my nieces and nephews one. Ha. That's crazypants. I wonder if I can do it?

But let me tell you of my weekend plans. We'll keep ourselves occupied getting the tent trailer ready for camping, mostly. Oh, and with this heat wave we're experiencing out here, I've promised Owen a beach day.

I mostly hope we find the time to relax this weekend. I feel like our family badly needs it. I know I do! I like to maintain a very busy schedule... we usually have a few things going on every day. But lately I feel fairly unmotivated. Namely in my training schedule. Oh, didn't I tell you? I'm training for a half marathon! My first! But for some reason this week, I'm really struggling with lacing up. I have a 13k run that needs to be done by the end of this weekend, and I'm determined to do it, however I wish it wasn't such a mental battle for me this week.

photo cred: Susanne Sagmeister Photography.

So I think what our family really needs is a bit of a rest. At least as much as we can grab throughout the weekend. We'll still prep the trailer, because it's exciting, and we'll head to the beach...
I plan on packing a picnic and my knitting!

I'd love to hear what your weekend plans are! Is it extremely warm where you are? How are you staying cool? What's on your needles? xo


casting on!

Remember when I told you I had nothing on the needles just for me? Well I've fixed that :) I just knew that this particularly bright skein would not stay in the stash for long... I just had to cast on!!!
I have to say I'm really excited about this because I rarely grab something "new" from the stash to knit with. yippee!!

Regia Fluormania Color 07184

And really, socks make the most portable knitting! I went to a beautiful wedding this weekend. There were 2 tables of us knitters, and  you can sure bet that I brought out these lovlies! It was neat to have all of us knitters there in our fancy dresses, and cocktails in hand... knitting away. haha! Then the next day our little family decided to take an impromptu road trip to Port Renfrew. Love road trips! (every knitter does, I think). We even saw a bear!

I'm really excited to see how these socks knit up. My hubby suggests that I keep them short, but I really haven't decided..

What do you think? Long socks (as long as the yardage will allow) or short, ankle socks? Do you prefer a certain length, or do you let the sock decide for you?


eye candy!

oooohhh kaaayyy
so there might be a bit of stash enhancing going on over the past few days. ha...

here's a sneak peek...

for those of you wondering what the yarns are in order from left to right:
- sweet georgia tough love sock in summer dusk
- miss babs tarte in berlin
- dream in color smooshy in raspberry blaze
- regia fluormania in color 07184

they are all fingering weight yarns... and oooohhh soo pretty! i can't stop staring at the miss babs!
of course, there might be more, but let's just focus on these for now, hey?

what new lovelies have you added to your stash recently? xo


Imagine that... another F.O!

Today is a holiday for us Canadians... it's Canada Day!!! And as a bonus I have another F.O to show you! huzzah! Do you remember this yarn?

from Neighborhood Fiber Co. site.

I had snagged it while at vogue knitting live back in march. Actually a group of us decided that we would do a mini knit along! The sample that was knitted with this yarn at the neighborhood fiber co.'s booth was actually Joji Locatelli's Imagine When Shawl. As soon as I had tried it on, I knew I wanted this shawl, in this yarn.

Our knit along was very simple. We just needed to cast on at the same time, and there were no deadlines. This was something I knew I could commit to! I really do love the result of my new shawl! And the colour! gah! It's really just so stunning!

And so back in March, I cast on and just plugged away at this shawl whenever I had the chance. I truly enjoyed knitting it.

Here are my deets:
pattern: Imagine When Shawl by Joji Locatelli
yarn: Neighborhood Fiber Co. Capital Luxury Lace. Color: Georgetown.  seriously luxe yarn!
needle: signatures 3.5mm / US 4

My version is a bit smaller, though I made no changes to the pattern, other than use a smaller needle. Looking back, I think a larger needle would have been good... but what can you do. :)

This yarn blocks out beautifully, and the shawl has incredible drape. I really am in love with it! 

This now officially means that I have nothing on the needles for me. what the what?! Besides my work knitting, I have a couple of gift knitting projects on the needles that I can soon share with you! I have been a busy little knitting bee... and loving it!

Wishing you a happy first day of July! What are your plans for the day? Are you celebrating the holiday too? What's on your needles today? xo


a new F.O!

I have a new F.O to share with you!

These socks are from Wendy D. Johnson's book Socks from the Toe Up. They're the diagonal lace socks. I found the pattern so easy to memorize and the outcome is really so lovely!

I used my 2.0mm /US 0 hiya hiya sharps. oh my goodness, I love these needles! I love both of my addi sock rockets and these hiya hiya's. though the join I like more on the hiya hiya's. so smooth!!

The yarn you see is sweet georgia cashluxe fine in cayenne.

Oh how I love them! When I first started the socks with sarah KAL I wondered if I'd get any socks done. Pretty pessimistic, I know but I was trying to be realistic too. I have heaps to knit during the week before I can concentrate on gift knitting and lastly selfish knitting.
However, the idea of working a little here and a little there on socks has paid off! I have to admit, I love the idea of always having a pair of socks on the needles! Gotta love the easy to grab, easy to tote, potato chip knitting. ;)

Now the big question is, which to cast on next?! xo


hi there summer!

Thank you so much for your amazing, kind words. :) i really do love to be in this place, and share with you...
this past week was a full one. my hubby came home from sea on thursday, to a very busy weekend! i ran the navy 10k. (first race in a year!) and owen ran the kids fun run. we also had t-ball closing ceremonies. what? t-ball is already over? that went by fast! so you can bet that if i had an opportunity to sit and knit, i did...

this is the perfect start to summer, don't you think?
though unfortunately, early this morning the little man and i took daddy to work as he's gone to sea again for 2 more weeks...
we've stocked up at the library, and the lego movie has arrived from gran.... so hopefully this momma can get the work knitting done so we can go and play!

tell me, how was your weekend? what do you have planned for this week? xo
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