I promise to Remember.

It almost baffles me that 100 years have past since the first World War. It was such an important part of our history lessons (both World Wars were) and of course, we had family members who fought in the second World War and would tell us of their experiences.

But they are ageing... and their stories & experiences, we don't hear as often from their own mouths... and so I feel more and more the responsibility that I have to teach my son, and to remember myself just how amazing these people were. How hard they fought, and the tremendous support their families gave them.

Many of you know that my husband is Military. I could not be more proud of him. But we are so very fortunate we are not in the midst of a world war. I know my sacrifices pale in comparison to those who have lost their loved ones due to war.

Though my husband is involved in a ceremony elsewhere, I will be taking our son down to the cenotaph today to remember, and to show him how important it is to remember our fallen soldiers, and our brave heroes... and especially what they fought for.



now available in Spanish :)

Although I know that for some of us, it's hard to admit that the countdown until Christmas has begun, it has... 
Many of us are busy with holiday market prep, and beginning our adventurous handmade gifts for the holidays! kudos to those of you who can manage to pump out gifts for everyone! 

I know that we're always looking for quick gift ideas, and I wanted to take the time to remind you of two of my free patterns! One is the ever popular mug hug. These are perfect stocking stuffers, or a quick added gift for your child's teacher.

Add a starbucks gift card, and a few chocolates (or a bottle of wine) and you're set! ;)
 I get so excited to see all of your versions of the mug hug, and there are many!!

The other pattern is my Jardain coasters! These are crochet, but I promise you, they're an easy peasy pattern! 

I am so excited to let you know that the Jardain pattern is now available in Spanish! Find the link here.

Here are the quick links to the patterns :)

I have been busy clicking away, and watching my product grow for the market, and I have to say I'm getting pretty excited!! I promise to have a little update on the new items added soon!

What quick holiday knits (or crochet patterns) do you have in your bag of tricks? Come share! xo


I've got a market!

There is a reason for the quiet here, I promise... October is usually when my busy season really ramps up, and I've been very busy stocking for my one and only winter market!!

That's right! I'll be back at the owl designer fair this year! And I couldn't be more excited!! I absolutely LOVE this event! Everyone kept me very busy last year, I even had customers buying straight off my needles! I am really hoping to have some extra stock on hand this year.

Here's a sneak peek at a few of the items you'll find at my booth this year :)

There was such a fantastic response from the newborn hats, so you can be sure there will be heaps this year! And perhaps a few of the styles in larger sizes as well!

 These mittens are the warmest, most squishy mittens! They were super popular, and I'm happy to be bringing them back!

The ever popular katniss cowl! There are limited quantities of these, so you'll have to be hurry to snag your own! 

If you are in the area at all, please do come by and say hi! I'll be downstairs this year! And of course, I promise, I'll have some yummy treats too... xoxo

I hope you can come!! I've made a facebook event as well... And I'll be posting some pictures there as more items are added to the inventory!



popping in!

Now that fall is here, and all knitters are casting on everything... it's really my happy place. I just love the crisp morning air, the leaves showing their true colours, and the smell of a fall rain. It's really just perfect...
We celebrated thanksgiving this past weekend, and Owen and I also ran races!

Though it's the most insane time of year for me to be preparing for a race, as my work load increases dramatically this time of year, I really wanted the experience of racing in the fall.... and I have to say, I love it! Owen did such a great job! He is one speedy little dude. :)

And now it's time to really buckle down and dive into the busy knitting season. I do have something to share with you soon!! Tell me, what have you cast on? Are you working on gift knitting? Selfish knitting? do tell!! xo


hey hey!

I'm back!! Did you miss me?

Our little anniversary getaway was so so wonderful! Really, just what we needed. Both Les and I felt really relaxed afterwards. It was just amazing to be together and not have to be anywhere else.. so SO lovely..

'course, the view was just breathtaking... and that is always a bonus! We could have watched the ocean for hours.... (I think we did). At any rate, I feel pretty certain that this needs to happen more than once every 10 years. ;)

And now it's back to reality. Which isn't so bad :) I've got a fast approaching market, which I'll share with you this week, and Les is already off to sea until Friday. (but home only for the weekend).

So I feel ready to tackle this busy month, and my knitting needles will be clicking away furiously! (for real, I just made a pot of coffee, and it's 8pm!)

Tell me, are you preparing for any holiday markets? What do you have on your needles? I am already looking forward to casting on a selfish knit this winter! xo


here's to a decade!

It is so true, that the older you get, the faster time flies...

I remember when I was really young ....or more realistically, when I try to tell my 6 year old how to be patient... through lengths of tv shows, and it's soooooooooooooo hard! Now, life happens in a blink of an eye!

so crazy. but i try not to miss anything... I try my best to hold on to every moment, (well the happiest ones anyways)...  just look how young we were!!

today, my man and I are on our first romantic getaway since our honeymoon! we're calling it our second honeymoon... we're so excited.

grandma and papa are holding down the fort with owen, while we whisk each other up island to celebrate 10 amazing years together.

I love you Les. And I can't wait for many more decades together with you xo...


The key to a long life.

It's no surprise that knitting is my passion. seriously, you can ask anyone who has come in contact me and they probably know that I am a knitter. I can't help it. If I'm not knitting, I don't know what to do. Ha! 
I learned to knit when I was really young. My oma and my aunt watched over me and taught me these life changing skills for me. My grandma was a knitter too.. sadly I never had the opportunity to meet her, but I know she's looking down on me and is so very proud. I feel pretty honoured to have her very knitting needles in my possession. 
My oma is 96 now. soon to be 97! and I am incredibly proud to say she's still knitting! I honestly hope I will age like her. This woman has had such a full, and amazing life. 

Though she admits to not be knitting as much these days, and needs patterns that don't require a lot of "seeing" and avoids yarn that is too dark.... I am so amazed that she's still working away at this incredible craft, her hands moving away on their own without any need of direction... 

Of course when my Oma heard my cousin was expecting her second babe, she set to work on a beautiful knitted gift... 

it's lovely! The pattern itself is very simple... no frills... but so very pretty! Oma actually asked me to add the fringe for her, and to deliver it.. Of course I jumped at the chance to be able to work on a project with her! What an amazing experience! 
Oma has never knitted with circulars. she hates them.. and also would never knit with larger needles... so knowing this, and realizing that this must have been knit on a 3mm or so just amazes me!

It has been proven that knitting helps with memory, dexterity, stress, anxiety and many other things! 
So then I can't help but wonder if knitting is her secret to a long life? I'm going to hold onto that... xoxo  
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