So I got sick. Like Really, Really sick. I had been fighting an annoying cough the past 4-6 weeks. Nothing I couldn't really work through. Basically, like any mom I just pushed through, pretending I really wasn't sick. When I was probably feeling under the weather since October anyways. And then just over a week ago, I noticed that my face was starting to look a little strange. It was starting to swell. It wasn't hurting or anything (yet).. but it was strange, and it had never done it before... so I just took some anti-inflammatories and I figured I'd wait to go to the walk in the next morning. 

By the time the next morning rolled around, I was wondering if I should have gone to the ER. But I waited it out, because I basically didn't want to go to the ER and wait forever when I could possibly be seeing a Dr at the walk-in within the hour... 

Long story short, the Dr we saw at the walk-in wasn't helpful at all. Basically he just googled "mumps" which is what we thought I had and had told him this before, so he kind of just went with it... and he had us look at the computer over his shoulder. We had already seen the sites and what he had found, because we spent some time the night before, and that morning doing the same thing.  He pretty much said "good luck" and sent us on our way. 

By 2:30pm we decided it was getting worse, and we'd like a second opinion, so we had family come and watch the little man while we headed to the ER. 

After 6 hrs in emerge, blood tests done, and morphine prescribed, the ER Dr believed I had parotitis. Which is major inflammation of the glands between the earlobe and jaw line.. and then just under the jaw as well. At this point my face was nearly doubled in size... and I was in a lot of pain (hence the morphine)... Bloodwork came back a week later saying I also had a mycroplasma infection... but this strain seemed to clear up without antibiotics. 

Over the course of the next few days my face and throat got even bigger, and my hubby had to crush the morphine and any other pain meds for me as I couldn't even swallow. My throat was so swollen... 

Scariest thing ever... 

But I'm just about better now. I'm taking it easy with recuperating, as in trying not to put too much on my plate... but I look back to normal now and not like a "puffer fish" as Owen had put it. I made sure to take pictures of the progress of my face swelling... It wasn't pretty. I won't post them here... to give you an idea though, I had to remove one of my necklaces as my neck was getting too swollen :( 

Everyone has been so great though. See the flowers posted? My knitting girls sent them to me... such a nice surprise! And I also had a chance to work on a selfish knit... 

This is my hitchhiker, pattern by Martina Behm, yarn is wollmeise... but more on that in a later post. 

And it has been so nice... so the healing process has been kind to me. My in-laws have been carting Owen to his kung fu lessons, and I've had a chance to take it slow. 

And now I've started getting back into a normal routine. Even enjoying solid foods again! And knitting! ahhhh how I missed knitting!  So hopefully you can look forward to some new posts from me soon! 

To those of you who have been keeping in touch with me, thank you! Your patience with my (lack of) blogging is really appreciated too.. xoxoxo 


New Yarns and an FO!

I always love trying new yarns, always always. So when Ashley of Red Sock Blue Sock Yarn asked me if I would review some of her yarns, I was ALL for it!

As soon as her lovely skeins hit my doorstep, I just had to wind up the Lush DK. Her colours really are quite stunning. As I was winding up the "lakeside" colourway, I was brought back to my summers on the Rideau. Being originally from Ontario, you can see how I was really drawn to this colourway. I love the pops of blues in the steely greys!

photo property of Red Sock Blue Sock Yarns
used with permission

And knitting with this was even better! Every stitch a joy. The definition really pops with the lush DK. I can't recommend it enough. The make up of this yarn is 50% Superwash Merino & 50% silk. Guys, it's really dreamy!  The skein comes in 231 yds/100 g.
More than enough to knit up a fab toque!

See? Just love those pops of blue!
The Basic Sock Yarn looks so fab as well! And with 460 yards per skein there's plenty to work with!!

These are "Old World" and "Lemon". I am so looking forward to knitting with them!!

My plan to always have socks on the needles is going to happen this year!! I can just feel it! I'm thinking something lacy up next, yes?

To find out more or Red Sock Blue Sock check out the links below.

For those of you wondering, I chose to knit Shannon Cook's Schwimmen
Check out my ravelry page to see some more pics!

Tell Ashley I say hi if you choose to place an order! Have you discovered any new yarns lately? What are your faves? I'd love to hear about them! xo


awaiting spring

One of the reasons why I love living on the West Coast is the early spring that we often get. Though the air has still been pretty chilly in the mornings.. (for us, that's just 3 or 4 degrees) I'm starting to see signs of spring!


This of course, gets me very excited for knitting. (lol, what doesn't?!) This is really such a nice time to be layering up in our hand-knits though. And so, sweaters, mitts, socks etc are still very popular knitting items in all of my news feeds.

The holidays (and months leading up to it) are always my busiest time of the year. This year proved no different. I'm sure that was evident in my lack of posts here. I cannot complain, because knitting for a living is a dream job for me, and I'm so fortunate to be able to do it. That being said, selfish knitting definitely takes a back seat.

I think it's been almost a year since I've really focused on knitting something for me. (apart from a test knit that I just happened to love, so it was kind of a double win there).. And so I'm finding myself really looking forward to this spring in the hopes that there will be a few items coming off the needles just for me.

There are so many things that I am looking forward to knitting. I definitely would like to try to have socks to tote around everywhere I go. They are such a portable project, and the amount of single skeins of fingering weight in my stash is astounding..... so there's that. Also, I have been trying to collect sweater quantities. This is important to me, as I was mostly feeling that I was limited in my options with only single skeins to work with.

So I see some exciting months ahead. Longer days coming, which means longer visits to the park (and knitting at the park!!)

Do you want to follow along with me on what will be on my needles this spring? Follow me on Instagram, and you'll be sure to see what's new for me.

Do you have big knitterly goals for the spring? Please share! I'd love to hear from you! Grab your big mug of tea and let's plan our next projects! xo


Guess who?!

Well hello there!!!

Yah, I realize I haven't been very vocal here the past few months, but I'm here now! I can't believe we're into 2015 now. So crazy. Knitting has of course taken hold and really, that's the main reason I've been so quiet here. Work knitting has kept me very very busy. So of course, I can't complain! The market went oh so well, and Christmas was lovely.

Our little family headed to Alberta for a few days between Christmas and New Years, and then my little man turned 7 on the 3rd! How on earth do they grow up so fast? Oh my heart. But I was strong. No tears. ;)

And now comes the much needed routine! I've been making a few changes here at home. I am no longer offering knitting classes through the cloth castle, rather I'll be doing private lessons, and mini classes.

It has been a very rainy few days here on the Island. And today is no different. So on this dark, dreary, & cozy day I'll be baking bread and of course, knitting ;)

Tell me, how were your holidays? Anything memorable happen? Have you started off the new year with any selfish knitting? Do tell, I really have missed you! xo


A little of what I've been up to..

How are you? It feels as though I've been away forever, and I suppose in a sense, I have.... Where on earth has November gone? It has been a crazy few weeks... And there's more craziness to follow.

The Owl Designer Fair is just under 2 weeks away now. Last week was full of filling custom orders, and now with work knitting, and market knitting, I feel slightly more sane. haha... 

Of course, we had to do this over the weekend.....

Normally we wait until the beginning of December to decorate, but our weekends are already filling up, and so we figured we might as well tackle it over our long weekend. (Owen had a PD day on Friday.) 

So now it's feeling very Christmas-sy here and it's getting me more and more excited for the Owl Designer Fair! 

If you are in the area, I'd love for you to come and say hi! 

Soon, I'll give you a sneak peek of the goods I'll be offering at the fair. :) 

Have you decorated yet? Hope you are also surrounded in yarn!


I promise to Remember.

It almost baffles me that 100 years have past since the first World War. It was such an important part of our history lessons (both World Wars were) and of course, we had family members who fought in the second World War and would tell us of their experiences.

But they are ageing... and their stories & experiences, we don't hear as often from their own mouths... and so I feel more and more the responsibility that I have to teach my son, and to remember myself just how amazing these people were. How hard they fought, and the tremendous support their families gave them.

Many of you know that my husband is Military. I could not be more proud of him. But we are so very fortunate we are not in the midst of a world war. I know my sacrifices pale in comparison to those who have lost their loved ones due to war.

Though my husband is involved in a ceremony elsewhere, I will be taking our son down to the cenotaph today to remember, and to show him how important it is to remember our fallen soldiers, and our brave heroes... and especially what they fought for.



now available in Spanish :)

Although I know that for some of us, it's hard to admit that the countdown until Christmas has begun, it has... 
Many of us are busy with holiday market prep, and beginning our adventurous handmade gifts for the holidays! kudos to those of you who can manage to pump out gifts for everyone! 

I know that we're always looking for quick gift ideas, and I wanted to take the time to remind you of two of my free patterns! One is the ever popular mug hug. These are perfect stocking stuffers, or a quick added gift for your child's teacher.

Add a starbucks gift card, and a few chocolates (or a bottle of wine) and you're set! ;)
 I get so excited to see all of your versions of the mug hug, and there are many!!

The other pattern is my Jardain coasters! These are crochet, but I promise you, they're an easy peasy pattern! 

I am so excited to let you know that the Jardain pattern is now available in Spanish! Find the link here.

Here are the quick links to the patterns :)

I have been busy clicking away, and watching my product grow for the market, and I have to say I'm getting pretty excited!! I promise to have a little update on the new items added soon!

What quick holiday knits (or crochet patterns) do you have in your bag of tricks? Come share! xo
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